Halo Master Chief Bobble Head: Get him Before He is Off to the Good Fight

This one is for all those Halo fans out there who have always shared a soft corner of their hearts for some fun stuffs like Bobble Heads with their immense love for gaming and now here is a bobble head to bring those two sides even closer. The Master Chief Bobble Head is probably one of the very few out there which have such a high sense of detail yet not loosing their trademark wacky Funko Style.

Standing 7 inches tall and packed on a nifty display base, he is one of the enemy’s most feared opponents, loaded with his blaster and a high detail factor, he is ready to assist you in the Good Fight and proudly unfurl the flag of the patriots over the enemy’s! Selling for only $10.99, he would probably be a huge hit among the Halo fans, just like the cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Bobble Heads or the Legendary Bob Marley Bobble Head who bobbles while singing one of his most popular songs- The Buffalo Soldier.

Be a fan of Bobbles or not, there are probably very few things in this world that can escape from the creative and funny grip of the urban Legend- The Bobble Heads.