Futuristic Toaster Design with a 1980’s Touch

Have you ever wondered how automatic machines would function with new ideas in the future and what if one such products, say, a toaster is designed in the style used back in 1980’s? Well, this industrial designer has come up with a very intriguing concept of a futuristic toaster using all the available technologies at the time.

This design by Felipe Sarmiento revolves around the idea of the automated kitchen of the future that is found in sci-fi and paleo-futuristic genre movies of the 1980’s. To design this household product that would have existed during the 1980s, he chose the Paleo-futuristic style of science fiction movies of the era, such as Brazil, Back to the Future, Tron and Robocop.

This innovative futuristic product is designed with a simple concept, where the toaster toasts bread vertically along a sloping track depositing the toasted bread from the other end. Each button on the toaster corresponds to a set amount of time that is displayed from behind the plastic outer casing which counts down the time it takes for the bread to toast.

Also, the coils and timer become visible while the toaster is in use, shining behind the plastic exterior, and count down the time until the toast exits the back and is deposited onto a waiting plate; as your toast is all ready to be eaten! The conveyor belt is synced with three different times and speeds.

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