The Alfa Romeo Has An Encounter with Space Invaders

Nearly some forty years after the release of the iconic game, Space Invaders Alfa romeo decides to arrange for a an encounter of its new baby, The Mito with the menacing gas pumps in a good old fashioned shootout, Space Invaders style.

The video is a part of the of Alfa Romeo’s new add campaign that promotes the Mito as a small, powerful car that cares about the environment without burning a whole through the owner’s pockets. In the video the Mito single handedly takes on the entire army of  oil canisters and fuel pumps blowing them sky high with its laser powered high beams and fancy 360 spins; in the end the Mito faces and vanquishes the stage boss who for some unwanted reason resembles a nuclear power plant. As for the car it seems that it too lives up to the advertisement with a mileage of 13.5 km/l.

All in all the Mito is a small and mighty carbut it does lack one quality a deafening roar of a powerful engine, but fear not for the Sound Racer is here to upgrade the purring of that 4-cylinder fiat to the roar of a V8; And the perfect snack to eat while enjoying this advertisement would be these chocolate ‘Space Invaders’ cookies.