Concept Of The New Bugatti Stratos 57 Atlantic Is A Real Fantasy

The year was 1962 when the first self propelled vehicle powered by steam was invented and since then, cars have become a need for mankind. Especially if you see then it was the 20th century when the production of cars actually raised and every rich man owned one.

As you all know that time changes everything, this four wheeler got modified from time to time. All the visionaries went ahead, formed different companies and created designs and are now famous in the form of Ford, Hyundai, and Ferrari etc.

Although in this 21st century, we are still going on, utilizing the latest technology and creating new designs and sometimes modifying the old one. Here is one of them which have been modified from the sleek 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic and introducing the larger than life and futuristic Modified Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic “Bugatti Stratos”.

Thanks to the French graphic designer Bruno Delussu, a new era of futuristic cars under 3D design can come into play. I mean this design has just blow up my mind and I am sure that it has even mesmerized your minds too.

To be precise, it’s absolutely a killer creation. It looks like as if it has come down from some Star Wars Space ship and shape is such as it can compete with wind, when it runs.

I hope all the Car companies out there are going to have a look at this baby because the day it is released, it’s going to set the roads on blaze. A pure fantasy vehicle and something which gives a glimpse of how the future can be, Bugatti Stratos rocks.

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Via : Illusion.scene360