Avatar Swords and Daggers for all the Pandora Fans

Avatar magic has reached its peak, with Director James Cameron stretching the boundaries of imagination with exciting adventures and excitement. Every Avatar fan wants to believe that such a fascinating and incredible world with its wild props and valuable commodities exist in reality, but there is a real surprise stored for these fans, as you can have the replica’s of the swords of the Na’vis, habitants of Pandora, as your personal memento.

The sword known as ‘Dagger of Jake’ is the most precise replica of the original one screened in the movie, that’s bound to excite any mighty Avatar fan. The dagger measures approximately 49 cm in overall length, weighing 1500 g. Available for just $168.31.

Another stunning replica of the screened dagger is the authentic Na´vi Curved Dagger´ that measures approx. 49 cm in overall length with a weight of 6800 g, accurately detailed to match the original. Go get it for just $168.31.

Another majestic creation of the replica of the original ´Na´vi Braided Dagger´ has one of the most stylish one and outstanding looks, just like the actors’ dagger was in the movie. This dagger also measures approx. 49 cm in overall length and weighs 6800 g. Try it out for just $168.31.

The best deal any true Avatar fan could get, and so start building your Pandora collection.

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