Matias USB 2.0 iPhone Keyboard has a Smartphone Stand Less Any Docking Functions!

The way tech factories churn gadgets with fancy name and functions, sometimes it makes me question whether we actually need these things in the name of convenience. But yet there are plenty of folks who would bring themselves superfluous gadgets and apps and yet not making the real use of it. This time the consumers have passed on the baton of being foolish to the makers. The iPhone Docking Station Keyboard is a perfect example to tell you just by adding a room space for something doesn’t make keyboard a docking station.

Created by Matias, the USB 2.0 keyboard features a rectangular space right above the arrow keys to slip one’s smartphone, be it iPhone, Blackberry or Android. The main intention here is just to have an easy access to your already existing functions installed in the phone. It will neither charge or sync content or play music files directly from the phone’s storage.

The keyboard is pretty much inept to do anything except saving a bit of table space which one would use to keep their smartphone. Du-uh! Yet, if there is a reason to find it to be a piece of utilitarian peripheral, it can be bought for $49.95. For better options on keyboard, check out the Wacom’s Bamboo Pen and Touch, Wireless Keyboard +Touchpad and Illuminated Wireless Mini Keyboard.

Via Zath