The Grassy Lawn Gadget Charging Station To Feel You The Green Environment

Now a day as technology is advancing, people are opting for further smaller, compact, portable and aesthetically beautiful devices, and if the person is obsessed with gadgets then any type of new gadget will do but even then gadget geeks opt for portable and cool looking user friendly devices. Sadly the parts to be use with gadgets are the power adapters and cables, which used to charge them. They make a huge mess while nicely enjoy their power drinks. To hide the mess made by all those tangling cables, here is “Grassy Lawn Charging Station”.

Just think that how embarrassing it looks when some unexpected guests visit your house and end up looking at all those tangling wires which were charging your cell phones. To save you from those embarrassments, Grassy Lawn Charging station has been made. As you see, these are artificial realistic grasses which have been specially made to give an eco friendly look and cushion your gadgets while they are getting charges. I know you must be wondering how this thing works and for those who have already guessed it. It works by hiding all the cables and adapters underneath the grass in a spacious compartment. You just have to run a standard extension cable into the bottom of the base and plug all your adapters in it. After that just tangle up all the charging cables under the grass and Voila, you have your own sweet little gadget garden.

It’s a wonderful product which not only makes things uncomplicated but even aesthetically awesome, which is available for $24.99.

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