Super Mario Bros Furniture is the Wildest Concept

Mario, the greatest and the most popular video game in the history is always bound to leave a huge grin on your face, as this magical game is all set you take you into its world right at your home with sets of furniture that’s perfect for your kids.

This furniture concept consists of Super Mario Bros themed shelves, end table and clocks built by Neatoramanaut Dennis and Judith for their apartment. While the clock features the scene from the Game Boy video game Super Mario Land, the shelf is made out of their growing collection of videogames by using the boxes with the background of hills and a cloud, all made of wood.

Also featured is a small table, right next to the shelf, which could be used for the cell phones and the Internet. What’s amazing is the idea of using a warp pipe based on a garbage can that is big enough to hide all the cables, thus enhancing the show of the themed furniture.

Mario figures and the mushrooms make the show just perfect. The Game Boy clock exposes the Super Mario Land scene with objects as numbers with a beautiful color theme.

Also, small Koopa shell is also a likely concept that might soon turn up for the shelf. So all Mario die-hard fans, just wait till this concept is put together into action.

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Via: Neatorama