Nexus Traveler Scooter Luggage: Your Means To An Easier Ride Through The Air Terminal

With the ever increasing size of our airports navigation through the air terminals has become all the more difficult and puzzling, but now thanks to the cool new Nexus: The Air Scooter, navigation through the air terminals might be not more challenging than a walk through the park. Similar to the Robot Porter concept, this could be a really handy device for frequent travelers.

Our world is ever expanding, and so are our skies and to comply with all the huge number of flights around the world we have started building our airports to the extent of them being spotted from the moon! (The Kansai International Airport), but the system for moving people from one place to other has not been able to reach such heights.

This Air Scooter concept is an electric powered vehicle that works on four 12V batteries that are capable of producing 2hrs of continuous work carrying a maximum load of about 110Kg. The front part of the scooter contains the power plug that is compatible with both 110v and 220v, whichever is available. The handlebar is made of 6061 aluminum containing the ignition and the accelerator which can provide a maximum speed of 15Km/hr.

The Nexus is another addition to the list of new innovative ideas that are striving to make our life on the extremely huge, busy and crowded airports equivalent to a stay at our homes, which also includes other ideas like the Sleep Box that makes spending nights at the airports far easier and relaxing.