Lipson Robotics Launches Speaker Bot to Takeover Box Speakers

If you are a music lover, you’re bound to fall in love with these cute robotic Speaker Bot, which will just increase your passion for music, replacing the old speaker boxes. There was a time when there were huge controversies and theories about robots taking over the world; well this may just be a small step towards this dream.

You will just love this cute harmless robot as he continues to play your favorite music all day long according to your choice. This creative Speaker Bot stands 18.5 tall x 13 wide x 9.


These productive robots are assembled in New York by Lipson Robotics. You can charge this Speaker Bot with the power adapter and plug it into the wall, or use batteries or plug it into the USB port on your computer.  He even comes branded with a metal nameplate to declare the robots origins.  The speaker will work with any MP3 player or iPod, and will make your parties in your place just more exciting!

This robot might have a goofy expression on him all the time, but he has wonderful uses, and is made out of new and old parts, which means you’d be giving new use for old discarded electronics.

Speaker Bot is just one of its kinds, available for $550, which cranks out the tunes with its full-sized stereo, which suggest beautiful artwork of Lipson Robotics.

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