The 9 Volt Awesome Flash Lamp Is Better Than Candle Light

The Bulb was a really great invention which had a huge role in lighting up our lives and actually for our eyes we need lights to be suited very specific amount for specific occasions. Like suppose during a candle light dinner, too much light can spoil the whole atmosphere and while dancing in a disco, those disco lights are the best thing to groove with. The same way here is this unique “9 Volt Light” which is sure to prove its worth. Ideal to have around when fishing, working in the garage and camping or any other dimly lit area where you might need some superfluous light.

This is an attractive, elegant and simple but diligently created gadget by Mr. Richard Lawson who had made it for a competition of Mathmos. Unluckily it failed to win the competition and that’s the reason it wasn’t chosen for production by the company. Don’t worry, by the time it was shown to the public, it had got crazy responses and as many people already wrote about it and made so famous. And the next thing, Mathmos got convinced that launching it would not only prove fruitful for Richard but even for them too, a business decision.

So here it is, ready for coming home with you for $25. The best part about this device is that it had been installed with such a system which gets switched on with a side tilt switch on a rechargeable battery when standing up with blue or red colors and turns the lights off when it is on its side i.e. lying down and the color changed to white.

Its light can be compared to a candle’s flame or better than that and is an awesome idea for night lights, traveling, camping, garden parties, classic tea lights or candle light dinners at open garden area.

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