Smile Cooking Toaster with a Visually Appealing Concept

If you want a guaranteed way to brighten up your morning everyday, then this designer brings a perfect solution with his cute designed smiley toaster that will just place a smile on your face!

This hair-straightner look-alike toaster device by Xu Yan Xiang has electric-heating nano-membrane and different smiley faces can be used on single bread. So pick the smile that suits your mood every day to make a difference in your day. The toaster also flaunts a stylish and transparent look to add elegance and enhance your kitchen accessories and appliances. Also, it has a timer display with heating controls to prevent you from burning your toasts.

With its transparent build, this see-through toaster allows you to see the bread while it’s being toasted along with the smiley appearing gradually with time. I guess this is the best way for you to be greeted as you look forward to your rest of the long working day.

Imagine what an emotional and happy expression it would leave on your child’s face when he has to wake up early for his school! This visually appealing toaster takes credit for its simplicity and comparison to the flat iron concept. So go ahead and grab one of these clip shaped device to bring a shiny smile on your toast.

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Via: Gizmodiva