C.O.P. Suit for Cops Will Make Protesters Look Puzzled

Riots in public are not new and worse, they are growing year by year, and that means more time and effort of the policemen is diverted towards taking care of the public, from the public. To reduce the impact of damage and drain on the resources spent on such unproductive yet important job, the team of enthusiastic students came out with C.O.P. Suit, which will help our officers silence the public rage more effectively, and very efficiently. The source of inspiration behind the suit is the COP 15 climate summit where the first proposal came out for an innovation in this arena.

The exclusive feature of the suit is its self sustainability. Using kinetic energy as source, the suit will charge itself, reducing the burden on batteries and the like, saving on electricity. For this, the suit will convert the so called kinetic energy released from the various actions taken by the COPS in a combat. For example, forcing the armor for striking or swinging the baton in air or even thrusting the fist triumphantly into the air, all such activities help the suit in extracting energy, which is used as fuel in the speakers attached to the suit thereby saving precious electricity. What a level of creativity? A great thinking by any means! What do you say?

The suit is equipped with a armored protection sleeve and is connected with the megaphone helmet (with speakers) mounted on the top of the person wearing it. Apart from promising protection, Sleeve comes very handy (indeed) in the communication aspect. The microphone hidden in the sleeve is used to send voice commands, orders or simply throwing loud and very disturbing sounds (thanks to kinetic energy for supreme charging the speakers) to unarmored public around. Surely, the protesters are going to have hard time, not to mention the suffering on ears!

One more noticeable component of the suit – not from the protection view but rather as a message – is the artifacts on the design of the suit. It is aimed at demonstrating to the public, the similarities between the raging public and the noble police officers trying to overcome the public rage. It shows the violent nature of the riots, destruction of public property and other thematic graphics representing the outcome of riots and serves as a school of thought for people engaged in the riots and offers a reminder to re-think the outcome of the riots. Nice!

We really appreciate the efforts of the creator team comprising Benoit Espinola, Elena Gianni and Ulrik A. Hogrebe. Hats off to them.

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