Chess Set that Stands on a Motherboard

Chess is one such fabulous game that plays with your mind and leaves you wondering after every move, and as of now, you can play chess on your computer, or as board game, but the creation of this Micro Processor Chess Set is a board that’s actually made out of all computer parts!

You heard it right. This Chess Board is carved out of the underside of a mother board, and 32 black microprocessor chips giving board a new texture of green with black chips attached with epoxy. To give a higher elevation to chess board, bolts are press-fitted into the chassis mount holes to imitate legs.

This beautiful concept mesmerizes me with every little piece, right from the pawns that’s made from capacitors while Rooks that are made from power transformers from CPU power supplies.

Knights, the most unpredictable character of the game gallants with the head made of inductor coils cut into a c-shape.

Bishops, the real armatures carved from hard disk drives has a green/black wire wrapped around the base while the Queens are made from clock battery, flaunting its crown with 6 green or black LEDs for jewels. Followed is the kings’ body that’s made from motor cores and crowns are hard drive washers with the armature creating the holy seal.

For all technical analyzers, enjoy every bit of this set, while you can try to make it yourself from your on PC spare parts! Don’t miss other such creative chess sets like the Jack Daniel’s Chess Set, the Kingdom Heart Chess pieces or the ultimate Geeky Star Wars Chess.

Green Launches via: Instructables