The RC Live Steampunk Tank is What Every Kid would Want in his Toys Army

Kids have many desires, or say strong demands with respect to their wishes for various toys, tools, cars, bikes, etc that can be called Geeky, techy or completely weird. Call it proud possession of the numerous gaming devices or just the desire to try their hands out on with little demo gadgets, or maybe a sublime opportunity for geeky kid in his development stage trying to unravel the techie inside him. Whatever! Can you recall the worst thing you had wished for in the childhood – or if you happen to be a child, you wish or keep wishing! – that would seem scary to even you? Anyways, parents of the child who wishes for the Steam Tank (pictured below) would be inviting a host of troubles if they make one for him/her. Worst, no crash course is available to operate this one!

Okay, we are in love with the RC Live Steam Tank and its design, size and cool factor. We just came across this home-made Steam Tank demonstrating simple science at home using the power of steam and scientific intelligence to come up with the little Tank goody, to scare the kids off on the block, leave alone daredevil kids who might wish to cause a rampage – to the extent possible – with their kid army with the addition of Steam Tank.

The task wasn’t that easy as it looks for the creator and a series of experiments and trials led to the full development of this product. We cannot figure out any real world use for this one, but we are amazed by the skill of the maker of this mini-tank.

Check the video to see it running wild on the road and if you happen to be a engineering student, have a close look on the internal structure (spot it in the pics), and in case something crops up in your innovative mind, we wish you good luck for your project but don’t forget to tip us once you are finished with it for we’ll be glad to cover it.

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Via atcrux