The Lian Li PC-T1R Spider Case Mod Is Definitely Not For The Arachnophobic

If in your past, you have had scary experiences with insects like spiders then you should probably navigate away from this page right now, and trust me, be it fortunate or unfortunate you might really miss out on one of the nastiest and coolest Mods of this decade! The cool Lian Li PC-T1R Spider case mod really packs a big punch on the faces off all those arachnophobics who find it hard to stand calm next to one of these.

The Spider case mod, as it’s name suggests does not actually resemble a spider even though it has only four legs, but still whether a spider or not this is one nasty bug that will sting you real hard. The new case has been custom built and will go under mass production for consumers around the world (unfortunately we have no clue regarding the release dates) but what we do know is that it will be going on sale for a retail price of $204 or €150.

The nasty red bug comes complete with a custom ON/OFF switch and supports all the latest tech stuff you can stuff into your existing PC case, it is compatible with a mATX Main-board, hard drives , optical drives, a PSU and virtually everything!

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Via: Geeky Gadgets Via: TFTS