The Sony Fusion Computer Coffee Table Is A Perfect Fusion of Furniture And Technology

Sony has been coming up with excellent new inventions since is birth in 1950’s and this time it has been put forth in a modern innovative idea of fusing Technology with furniture by making the Sony Fusion Coffee Table.

The Sony Fusion Coffee Table, as it’s name explains, is basically a desktop smartly infused with coffee table…similar to the PS3 Controller Coffee Table. It would be quite awesome to have a meeting and a date at the very same time. The concept table would have a matte black aluminum top with a sleek chrome lining with arched chrome legs to support the table and to transform the table into your very own work station, all you would need to do is press a simple button. The desktop part of it would comprise of a touch sensitive keyboard with an adjustable screen; the table top divides  into two halves and smoothly slides without making any sort of clumsy sound to unveil it’s LED outlined keyboard, it’s screen and DVD drive on it’s side; this awesome table would be available in three colors namely red, white & blue but you need to shell out a little more for it’s priced at $3000.

But another coffee table that would not burden your pockets that much are the LED Video Coffee Tables and now that you have your coffee tables how about some Arcade Coffee Mugs?

Via: Born Rich