Cool Vertical Wall Clock For Unconventional Kind

Most of us would like to try and get clocks that are different from what is usually available, perhaps this is mostly because it is quite tiring to see clocks that are banal and mundane all the time, which also suggests that the time we spend is banal as well. Thus, by getting a clock that looks out of the ordinary, we can hope for a time that is quite out of the ordinary too! Take this cool Vertical Wall Clock designed by Klaus Rosburg, for instance. It has an unconventional shape and since it is vertical, the hands stick out of the clock and reveal the time.

The hour numbers have been carefully laser-cut into an anodized Aluminum frame. The clock looks quite premium and has a great color depth thanks to back painted acrylic. These clocks are hand assembled in Brooklyn and cost $98 each. There are several colors available too, if you wish for some novelty.

We had also featured several cool clock designs like the Apple iBook Clock and the Flawless Aspiral Clocks. I am sure these clocks would help you look forward to a more interesting time spent in life.

Via: Styleture