Nintendo Gameboy Cushion For Geeks

If you have friends who are geek at heart and you want to gift them some crazy geeky stuff then look what we have got for you, a Nintendo GAME BOY cushion; It’s cute & cozy, and it has got all the controls of the original Nintendo Gameboy –a tiny DOT MATRIX screen, D-pad, “Select – Start” buttons and the two play maker buttons “B & A”. Look the image below –this cushion looks way better than the actual consoles.

Cushions have always meant to be nicer & softer and this Nintendo GAME BOY cushion is no other. Applications of Felt fabric is used for making the outer shell of this adorable cushion and underneath the fabric is filled nontoxic synthetic fibres. So it’s soft, very soft. And the used colors are easy on eyes, i mean they are soft and lighter –  white base, baby blue screen, purple buttons and black D-pad. The whole color combination is nice.

Now the pricing and availability might make you feel jittery. The cushion costs 99.00 € and as of now only one piece is available for sale. So if want to buy then quickly come to action, I don’t think you have much time. Anyway, incase you don’t get the chance to buy one, the makers: Soft Machines have many more types of cushions in store. You might wanna take a look.

If I’d buy then most probably it’d for a kid. We all know kids love to hold things they like be it toys, dolls, etc. it’s one of their little idiosyncrasies. So kids who are passionate for their Nintendo’s, I feel, would love to hold a cushion that looks similar. They are gonna hug it for night-long as they sleep because it’d feel cozy.

So what do you think about this cushion? Have you ever purchased such cushions before?  Tell us in comments.

via HolyCool