Bike To The Future!!!

90% of all the cool gadgets now-a-day’s are mainly focused on the people belonging to the age group of 19-35 years, but this cool bike here is aimed at striking a rapport with the kids from the age groups of 10-15 years, and at the same time inspiring these young minds to create the new gadgets of the future today.

The bike is a concept model designed by Claudia Baer, Anna Wiesinger and Marlene Klausner, who dared to think beyond the traditional boundaries of gadget design and created something for the budding minds of tomorrow. The bike has some really cool features that enable it to adapt itself in any kind of terrain and rough surroundings there exist, which have been possible only through the development of a unique frame that can stretch horizontally and adjust to the relative environment.

The frame has been incorporated with a comfortable looking seat that can be rotated through a wide range of angles which in turn makes the bike so user friendly that it can automatically adjust to the user’s height and even gender! which is a great advantage for most of the kids.

You can also have a look at the cool Steam Driven RC Tank that makes a perfect addition to every kid’s Toy Army! or the futuristic fold-able touch screen laptop which gives a hint that the future is here!

Via: Gizmodo