Mimicry Lamp Reflects Shades According to Your Choice

If you wish for a lamp flaunt its light’s color according to your mood, with an elegant and stylish design, then watch out for Mimicry, and as the name suggests, this lamp imitates the color of objects that is captured by its ‘eye’.

This design is a part of the project of Physical Computing designed by Ishac Bertran along with Dean McNamee. It is a lamp that imitates the color that’s captured by an ‘eye’, that’s made of wood, along with a sandblasted acetate sheet to diffuse the light.

This delicate piece consists of two individual and self contained objects, which are the lamp and the color sensing eye. As soon as you place an object against the eye, the color of that object is captured by the ‘eye’ and sent wirelessly to the lamp.

So as the lamp captures this new color, it gently shifts from its current color to the object’s newly captured color. As you will notice, the lamp adapts the ambient environment to express the object placed underneath.

This effective DIY color sensor was made from the spare available parts. A colored LED shines alternating red, blue, and green light out of the eye. The reflected light for each channel is measured with a photo resistor, and some computation is performed to derive the hue of the object, and transferred using XBee to the lamp.

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