Android Cushions: the Softest Fleece of Comforter

Well, you may have seen some really cool Google Android products out there such as the Android Macot, but if you want something geeky that can be cuddled, we have something here in store for you. This amazingly cozy and cuddly Android pillow shows one of the simplest geeky creations that will leave you awed, and has already created a huge gossip in the markets.

These spongy cushions have been designed by Craftsquatch, and are made of with the softest fleece and the fluffiest polyester filling, making just every of these adorable pillows firm yet springy.

100% handcrafted, these Android Pillows measure in at 12” x 12” and can be a perfectly fit not only on your couches or beds, but a huge comforter in your car. What’s really cute is its adorable antennae face, which you can gift to a DIY phone programmer maniac, showing them the eventual move towards the iPhone OS.

This piece of artwork can just grab your attention with its simplicity, while the green logo of Android will definitely leave you stirred. Not to forget, this little thing will never let you feel alone in your room, and be a great company with its softness while you drift into your sleep.

You can have this item in different color background too; all you have got to do is just mention it to the seller as you order, at an exciting offer price of $20.

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