Tetrax Magnetic Gadget Holder is a Sturdy Car Accessory

Car freaks would love to know that here is a super tough holder to keep your car gadgets, and it called the Tetrax Magnetic Gadget Holder.

Due to duplicity, the accessories made for the cars have also become rubbish, I mean, they are so weak, that they do not have a long life span, but this Tetrax Magnetic Holder is sturdy enough to keep your new gadgets safely while you are driving your car. Now you can drive carefree and talk to your girlfriend/ boyfriend handsfree by keeping your cell phone in this holder.

The distinguishing feature of the Tetrax holder is that is uses uncommon earth magnets along with superior grade adhesives to close-fitting spot for tucking in your phone in a safe manner. This holder also saves you from looking at those ugly and bulky suction cup holders that restrain GPS from slipping across the dashboard of your car.

Boasting clean looks, this holder is very easy to install on your dashboard and I bet, once you use it, you will want Tetrax in every car you own and for every gadget you have. This awesome accessory can not only hold your mobile phone, but your GPS, MP3 Player as well. You can even install it in your room and put any gadget that has magnetic properties.

Tetrax Gadget Holder is available in two models, viz. the GEO and XWAY models that can be fastened on the air vent frame and the FIX model, which as the name suggests, can be fixed anywhere on the plain surface; their prices range between $24.99-34.99. It is safe to use as unlike other holders, it doesn’t block the view of the driver and obviously, keeps your gadgets in position highly accessible to you. It is made from Gold-plated neodyminium alloy magnets + clip fine-tuned with 3M high performance structural adhesive.

The Tetrax Gadget Holder is not meant to hold your wallet, as your cards may fall off due to non-attaching ability of the cards with the holder. Also, have a look at this SoundRacer Gadget that makes Your Car Roar Loud and Viper Smart Start iPhone App that lets you start your car with your iPhone.