Don’t Lamp Design: a Breath-Taking Trick of Water And Light

To make a home truly beautiful requires talent, an eye for style and color, along with lot of attention to detail. One such stylish accessory is the Don’t Lamp- one of the most impressing décor done by Djordje Cukanovic.

If you want an easy way to impress your friends and relatives, then this mesmerizing concept is best suited for you, that’s based on a simple concept, which is light + water + some fake snowflakes. As Djordje Cukanovic states, “Don’t” lamp is inspired a children’s game, Jake-in-the-box which is full of surprises and snowballs. So this cool lamp is a light bulb based, filled with water and aluminum pieces to pretend as snowflakes since it can reflect the light.

The lamp features its beauty in a very delicate and simple manner with fake snow on the top of the spring, which connecting to a spring swings for a specific period with a gentle touch. Strikingly, as the current is passed through the water, the rays of light brake in different directions, this in turn produces unique and reflective shadows in unpredictable ways!

This is the best way to make your environment happening and lively. If you want to surf for more home decors that would make you feel cozier and refreshing, try the Mint Lights or the Hanging Aquarium.