Free Up One Hand with the ‘Half Keyboard’ and ‘508 keyboard’

half computer keyboard gadget

We have seen countless mice tweaked and modified in design and functions for the convenience and not to forget, looks, but what about computer keyboards, surely we have many of them too, but we bet you never saw it so tweaked that it was cut to half.

We are speaking about the ‘Half Keyboard’ produced by Matias which is 1/2 the size of a regular keyboard. Thinking about the convenience, don’t go by its half-size for it does not make any compromise with the features offered by the full ones.You can type easily and but surely calls for new methods, which are very easy to learn.

Here is how it works. You can spot the regular keys on the keyboard, obviously limited to the half size. To find the missing ones, you need to hold the space bar and the keys on the other half of the keyboard will appear glowing, but this is where some simple learning is called for. The other half of the keyboard (as pictured below) appears in mirror-like view, so you will need to adjust to it. But don’t bother, we have tried the demo on the website we can say only one thing, it was convenient! You can also try the demo here and let us know about your hands-on experience .

By freeing one hand, the reduced size brings the galore of conveniences. Like, smoother surfing with reduced efforts since there is no need to remove hand from the mouse every now and then, hold a phone while talking and type at the same time conveniently, hold documents in one hand while typing and most important of them all, it is god-given gift to those disabled pupil whose one hand is incapacitated.

While it was easy to learn and work on the ‘Half Keyboard’ the full version regular keyboard is also available, called the ‘508 Keyboard’. It brings the best of the both worlds – use it as a regular keyboard or like the Half Keyboard – your choice. Thus, it will let you type normally like you have been doing in the past, plus holding the space bar will bring the other half on the forefront of the first half, following the example set in the Half Keyboard.

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