WWF Ad Shows the Dark Side Can Be Good for Planet Earth

Darkness has always been seen with suspicion, fear and revulsion by humans because it invokes the primal fear of the unknown. Thus, evil and the bad have been associated with the dark always. In popular culture too, dark has been associated with the unpleasant as evidenced by the “Dark Side” in Star Wars. Belgian ad agency Germaine has designed a promotional ad for WWF which questions the notion of dark being evil and unpleasant.

The ad insists that “For once the dark side saves the planet”, presents a loving Darth Vader and encourages the reader to switch off lights between 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on the 27th of March, as a sign of solidarity with planet Earth. It shows Darth Vader, the lord of the dark side surrounded by wild animals which might otherwise be affected by over usage of energy.

The ad is not only funny but very thought provoking, for it tells us to switch off the lights not just during the Earth Hour, but also whenever possible for the “dark side” could save planet earth! If you like cool advertisements like this one here, you could also take a look at the Samsung MP3 Player Ads or the hilarious Star Wars Disney Ads.