Paint Alice in Wonderland Nails as a Tribute to the Story and Movie

Alice in wonderland, with its light-hearted entertainer can be confined to creativity that’s never easy, and well, all the Alice maniacs can have a part of this dream world right on your nails! This design is your very own Cheshire Cat, an amazing option to prove your craziness.

With purple for the stripes, head and the tip of the tail, the face and the paw, you can build an animated cat right on your nails, as you go ahead for perfection with the black stripes used along with Lemon Yellow eyes.

Hold on, there is something more that’s in store for you,; a whole package of this characterized cinematic vision that completely defies the stereotypes, with this maverick film fantasy painted right on your nails.

So in honor of the movie, get these promotional characters on your nails as DailyNail have done, with Thumb denoting the Queen of Hearts, Alice on your index finger, with the shades of blue and black to match the dress, while the middle one is just perfect for Mad Hatter with Nubar forest sponged on the top. Not lagging behind comes the central character of the film, the white queen on the ring finger, with the Cheshire Cat on the pinky!

I can’t wait to see these perfectly manicured figures on my nails, with this evergreen fable coming alive in this mesmeric form of nail arts by just doing it on your own. Don’t miss such freaking and bizarre nail arts, like the Bacon nails or the iNail designs.