The Odometer Watch: Brings Back Your Childhood Memories

You would hardly find an odometer nowadays, that were used widely some times back in the past. Once again to make your childhood memories afresh, Mint has put together all the ingredients of your childhood memories to present this amazing timepiece, the Odometer Watch.

The Mint Odometer Watch consists of a real odometer that looks similar to a mechanical one, but actually is run and rotated by both mechanical and electrical mechanism. The wristband is made of multi colored silicone rubber with a smooth finish and a sleeve on it. Time setting is easier than ever with just a button placed on the right side of the watch. This button also acts the backlight button of the timepiece. Another interesting part of this Odometer Watch is that, you don’t have to run to the shop every time you need to change its battery. The left side of the watch is comprised of a battery cap that can be opened with a coin and replace the battery.

This outstanding MintPass collection is not only a unique one in its design, but is fashionable to a great extent. Simple looking, the Odometer Watch is not only just perfect for today’s fashion trend, but at the same time very convenient too. For more fashionable timepieces, check out with On Air Wrist Watch and New Concept Strapless Watches.