Canon’s Lens Mug Serves Up Great Coffee Instead Of Great Pics

Photographers down at the Winter Olympics this year had their beliefs in Santa Claus rejuvenated when they spotted what they thought to be Santa’s Elves giving away Canon lenses for free; but alas it turned out to be a mirage on ice as they weren’t lenses but coffee mugs that look just like the original lens.

The mugs are replicas of Canon’s 70-200mm F4 lens which is nothing short of a dream come true for any photographer and as with most things by Canon these mugs too look very cool. As for the quality though one can only expect it to be top notch(after all, it is a Canon product) and to  back up this hypothesis the video too portrays it to be of good quality materials.

Now for all those who couldn’t make it to Vancouver to grab one of these cool mugs there is no need to worry as it is rumored that  they will be available for sale from mid April; but you better be prepared to dig deep into your pockets to get yourself one now because the cost to pre-order one of these mugs is $80.

Now here’s some food for thought; wouldn’t it have been way better if Canon gave out their concept Nova DSLR instead of the mugs? But for all you know they may just settle with the Canon USB Drive next year.