The Steampunk Iron Man Helmet is Fit for a Superhero

Ever wondered what would happen if you molded the Iron Man mask with the Magneto mask and then added a little batman tinge with a hint of Spiderman…the result would probably be this Steampunk helmet.

Presenting, the Steampunk Helmet from broken toys. It’s a rather distinct item and would appeal to the superhero fan crowd, and also to people looking for something different to wear on Halloween. This was in fact created to be worn at a Halloween party. Funny how a little idea can pave the way for another unique idea. Makes me wonder, perhaps Batman too came up with the idea of his costume when he was sitting with Alfred stitching a Halloween costume.

steampunk iron man helmet

What most people don’t realize is that ideas like this are extremely marketable. Perhaps some comic book writer comes across this review and decides to go ahead with the Steampunk Helmet idea and call the super hero Steampunk Man, a guitar in his hand, tattoos and the whole nine yard rock star persona. This is indeed a very unique design, the eye holes, the key around the mouth, perhaps signifying vocal abstinence?

The world needs a hero so to speak, what better way to start the revolution than come up with the idea of a new super hero. The Steampunk helmet could very well act as a catalyst. Uniqueness is as rare as a diamond in a coal sack. Same material, different approach and the Steampunk helmet is indeed very unique as I have mentioned above. The people who actually came up with the idea of the Steampunk Helmet have also come up with other unique ideas for superhero attires and weapon arsenals. It indeed is very interesting to see how people come up with such ideas and what sparks that very idea conception. I would love to own one of these helmets and stand in front of the mirror imagining I’m killing evil for the prosperity of good. And it may sound very geeky and nerdy but there are a lot of people out there who do wish they had a mask to hide behind so they could for once get away from the fast paced “real world” and just have their day to themselves. I would vouch for the development and sale of this mask simply because the way it is designed appeals to me.

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