Segmentus Clock Displays Time in Segments

Just when I saw this Segmentus clock, I got stuck to it so badly that I could not resist looking at it for long, as it appealed to me as a toy to a child, but I am not going to play with it as this is something to be put up in your home/ office to embellish the décor of the room along with exhibiting time. Segmentus Clock serves the dual purpose, i.e., of showing you time so that you don’t get late for your work and complementing the wall where it is hung.

This remarkable design is the outcome of the efforts of Artlebedev who is also popular for the creation of the Optimus Maximus keyboard. The Segmentus clock’s hands resemble the archaic analog clock and make numbers as created on a digital display. The numbers displayed on the frame are actually the spinning arms of the clock which give it a look of the mechanized cum digital clock.

It is the best example where a mundane thing has been given an artistic touch and we can see the numbers that tell us time are showcased on a translucent cover making it eye catchy. But, the numbers showing time are sometimes illegible, so, incase you are an art freak, you will be able to read the correct time. This seems to be a mix breed baby of the analog and digital clocks that captured the markets in their times; come on, don’t you think its time for a change again.

This clock boasts a minimalist design, yet it looks ravishingly post modern and is ringing in the usher of a new era where the good old techniques will be fused with the contemporary technological inventions to yield more useful and beautiful gadgets. If you have also fallen in love with this clock like me, then you need to just pray that this clock becomes a reality as it is just a concept right now. You may also like to read about Flawless Aspiral Clocks or The Unofficial Apple iBook G4.