Nintendo Papercraft Gameboy Color Will Fool People

If you are a prankster like me and would want to fool Nintendo freaks, you may try making Nintendo Papercraft Gameboy that is just extremely colorful, and this amazing example of papercraft will for sure appeal Gameboy freaks.

Its control buttons seem very real and if you try to press these nothing will happen but at least you can play a prank with someone for once.

Nintendo Lovers get dumbfounded at the striking color combination of this unofficial Nintendo Gameboy that grabs their attention. This lightweight curvy Paper Game Boy is made by cutting the cardboard of different colors in different shapes and sizes and arranging and sticking them together as shown in the picture.

Zim and Zou are the masterminds behind the creation of this graphical representation of the video games and consoles.

You can also see that have also inserted the Tetris game that initially hit the markets with Nintendo Gameboy.

The benefit of this game is that you can set up an unbeatable Score and then just sit relaxed as no one can even try to beat it. This Papercraft Gameboy can also be a cool gift for your friends who are crazy about Nintendo as at least they will remember you for your handmade gift.

You must be wondering what one would do with this game if one can not play, but we can always decorate our shelves with gaming stuff to show off that we are gaming freaks.

In case you didn’t get the chance to buy the Nintendo Gameboy Cushion, you can just make this paper craft yourself and enjoy. In case you are feeling hungry, would you like to eat Nintendo Toast?

Via: Wiinoob