Readot Concept Makes 2D Images into Tectile Presentations

Gadgets are here to improve our life and make it a bit more interesting and fun, but at the same time making the difficult tasks of everyday life a lot more simpler. Readot is the latest concept design that is here to provide a touch of color to the lives of the Visually Impaired, enabling them to see, rather touch and read the regular 2-D images in a fascinating new way.


The Readot, as it’s name suggests, enables the user to read through a mechanism that is similar to that of Braille but the only difference here is that the images are scanned and displayed over a screen of pins that are raised or lowered in order to create the desired outcome.


The cool part of this new design is that it not only enables the viewer to feel the image but in fact also have a fair sense of color and hue orientation of the image, which has been possible by varying the height of the pins raised through a sensitive ball rolling under the pins to adjust the texture and color to absolute accuracy.


One more interesting feature of the Readot is that it has a built-in camera and a microphone that allow the user to take photos and save them through voice recognition respectively. The microphone allows the user to easily navigate through the system menus and also link it to a PC via USB , all in all Lim Hyoseon, Kim Seungmo and Kim Suhyun have created a product will surely open the eyes of the blind to a whole new world where they can see and feel everything.

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Via: Tuvie