Rubik’s Cube Table is Here to Enliven Your Living Room

The craziness and love for the Rubik’s Cube remains afresh and lively even after so many years of its existence and frustration to the many who have attempted to solve it. The creation of this mysterious box, with its colorful bases is the most fun-loving design. Rubik passion is spreading from every tiny gadget to amazing concepts, and we bring you one such amazing designs of Rubik Cube furniture!

This lively designed table was initiated by Clab4Design, which stands for creative lab for furniture design, and is an Italian creative lab, where new design furniture items are conceived and manufactured. I guess everyone wants a colorful of eye-catching furnishings at home, to impress your guest and friends, or to or feel joyful with the splendid rainbow shades. This piece of furniture that is inspired by the Rubik’s Cube is now back as a furnishing and design item in the limelight due to its intriguing logic and modern design.

It’s very easy enough to use this table, as the door can be opened on touch, using just a little pressure. It is painted in original colors and made of MDF. You can also ask for different sizes to suit your living room, which can be made on order other than 60cm size standard cube.

You can store any and everything in this container furniture in its inner shelves, right from your books, or CD’s, and top can also be used as a coffee table for kids.

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