The Solar Eclipse Inspired Lamp Is As Cool As The Phenomenon Itself

Nature inspires man in all walks of his life, in fact most of the things we come across everyday are all inspired or based upon nature or an outcome of  man’s desperate attempts to copy it. This is Nissyoku- the lamp that has been inspired by one of nature’s most fascinating phenomenon, the Solar Eclipse.Solar Eclpse Lamp1

Right since the origin of mankind, he has always been mystified by occurrences that brought about a nightfall during the day- the Solar Eclipse; also countless are the stories and folklore that follow such incidents, some say that such incidents are a bad omen while some say they bring upon good luck.

Solar Eclpse Lamp2

But whatever the solar eclipse might bring upon us, it did bring a great idea into the mind of Igendesign who thus created the Nissyoku, the lamp that has an aura of the divine truth. The lamp has a cool design that makes it very unique, the design incorporates the use of two panels that are fixed on either side of the lamp and can individually rotate over a wide range of angles.

Solar Eclpse Lamp3

The focus and intensity of the light can be controlled by the degree of rotation of the two panels which are placed on the concave inner surface and attached to it by means of magnets. The lamp also features a cool switching technique that makes use of the central metal ring for power ON/OFF.

Solar Eclpse Lamp4

You can also have a look at the other no conventional designs like the Blocco Lamp or the Poplight Lamps that changes colors!

Solar Eclpse Lamp5

Solar Eclpse Lamp6

Solar Eclpse Lamp7