Savor the Geeky and Delicious Laptop Cake

Did you ever think that you can gobble up your laptop, not in your dreams but in the real world? If you don’t believe that it can really happen, take a look at this laptop cake that looks pretty much like the real ones, except for the fact that it tastes delicious.

laptop cake front view

Thanks to the baking craftsmanship of debbiedoescakes, this cake was created to celebrate the 100th episode of diggnation. If you are wondering how the screen is created, you will do well to note that it’s handpainted and airbrushed.

laptop cake back view

So, if you have got bored of eating cakes that come in those run-of-mill designs that have been used the umpteenth time, it’s time to don the chef’s hat and bake your own laptop cake. Once the cake is ready for being served, you may either gobble it all up for yourself or invite friends and family to show them what an innovative and mouthwatering idea your have brought to life!

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