Squibble Portable Braille Interface for Seeing-impaired

With increase in technology, and the human powered gadgets reaching out to every single sector of this world, its time to prove the existence of all possibilities and to reach out to seeing-impaired people.  And with this Squibble Braille Interface, technology does indeed meet the social cause.

This wonderful concept was designed by designer Andrew Mitchell, by which a user, even a normal eye-sighted could use to read behind people’s back without others actually knowing, for while your hands work on this gadget, your eyes can be used for something else.

Squibble Portable Braille (5)

This amazing device is a small pocketable portable Braille interface that can connect to technology allowing menus, and screen to be accessed via Braille and universally recognizable symbols. As these Braille dots are raised on the surface, they are also illuminated, while the lights act as an outward sign of the interface and aid interaction for users who may have some shape or light perception, i.e. for the partially blind.

By making this gadget fashionable at one side, it also acts like a text-machine for the seeing-impaired. This device works with both Braille characters and other easily recognizable symbols on a unique grid of tactile dots. Each dot works in tangent with the rest to present a rather excellent interactive keypad. The pad also works with high-contrast coloring to aid in learning if the user is gradually losing sight.

While this product is yet to go into production, you can check out the Rubik’s Cube of Doom or Braille Language E-Book Reader.