Clockwork Crocodile Is the Steampunk Age Reptile

Now we all remember those cool clockwork toys that used to fascinate us with their well matched articulated movements and their highly recognizable clock-work sound, right? This here is yet another example of a similar kind of toy that works on gears and springs but it’s highly unlikely for you to gift a realistic Steampunk crocodile to a small kid.

Clock-Work Croc11232

What you see here is a working clockwork model of a small Croc that might look nasty but seriously means no harm since a lot of manners have been knocked into his gears and springs by his creator Lisa Black. This toy really takes me back to the old Freak-Houses at the circuses that made use of some similar mechanisms to freak children out, and this one cannot be counted out of the very same group.

Clock-Work Croc2768

This may look cool to some and some might have even made plans to buy one but sadly this one’s already sold, thus ruining the plans of most but you could have a look at the cool RC Steampunk Tank that might end up as a great gift for a lucky kid or the Steampunk Gameboy, the console that everybody wishes to possess.