Quinze & Milan Along with Eastpak Create Built to Resist Collection

You must have seen furniture of varied types, but the recent Built to Resist Collection by quinze & milan with bag manufacturer eastpak would make you say ‘Wow’ for its double purpose usage. It not only serves as a piece of furniture but with the useful pockets, it gives you the freedom to put your petty things in a range accessible to you. Eastpak’s bags are famous for their firm fabrics and colorful prints.

If you can’t afford to buy so many covers or cases and even big cupboards for your gadgets, you can think about getting one sofa for you that would save you from shedding hell lot of money by accommodating a number of articles in its lot many pockets like that of the Dapro Camera Bag.

The latest collections will appear in two ranges, whereby the first range will comprise the pocket-padded classics ‘club sofa 01’ and second ‘primary pouf 02’ with several pockets sewn into seats to offer you extra space for your magazines or books, devices like iPod, MP3 Player, remote control, your spectacles and even the headsets. You won’t get a chance to loose them now as they will be safely placed in these pockets.

In case you are curious like me to see these beautiful pieces of furniture, you can wait to get them exhibited at the Milan Design Week 2010.

Via: Designboom