Alice in Wonderland Hats Take You on a Journey of Fantasy

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has been one of the most successful novels in English literature, as the novel has been studied and discussed as part of school and university curriculum. The journey of Alice and her adventures in the surreal wonderland have inspired the young and the old alike. Not surprisingly, there are several merchandise that are dedicated to the novel.

Here is a cool hat that is inspired by the story of Alice in wonderland. Designed by Matthew Colombini, the hat is currently on display in Dr. Kathy Carr’s Office.

The hat seems like a collage of characters from Alice in Wonderland and has that surreal nature which is so similar to the original novel. The hat too plays with logic just like the novel does, and could be a dedication to the famous work of fiction.

Alice in Wonderland has also been made into movies a few times, which really shows how popular it really is. If you liked the hat, I am sure you would also like the Alice in Wonderland Bobble Heads. If you are ready for it, you could get a scene from the movie or novel tattooed, just like the Alice in Wonderland Tattoos we had written about.