The Delorean is Back From A Tasty Future As A Geeky Cake

The Delorean is more of an icon rather a car to movie buffs and geeks alike because of its role in the 1985 si-fi epic, ‘Back to the future’ and it is now back with some of those tasty memories with this cake design featuring the Delorean from the the movie.

The cake by debbiedoescakes is well sculpted sticking to the original shape and color of the car and also retains some interesting details like the 2.12 gigawatt nuclear generator  placed in the boot; the intricate work on the windshield wipers and windows is also pretty cool. But all the artistry apart(even though it is very well done) the car and the movie had a tremendous impact on the society of the day( maybe thats why its for a 30yr old guy) and is still recognizable the world over.

With all this cake has going for it, it could be just about the perfect cake to get a geek but could face some stiff competition from these edible Chocolate Space Invaders. But with cakes like this one and the Tiki cake one has to wonder, what flavor are they?