Sputnik Projector Will Definitely Blast off Your in-house Digital Life

The first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite Sputnik was launched by Russia by putting in enormous efforts and facing huge hurdles and difficulties, using the best technologies of the world. How about having a replica of it, like this Mint Sputnik, in your home for super cool projections?

The launch of Sputnik 1 has proved the capabilities of the mankind and the extent of technology a man can use. It’s seemed quite impossible to make such amazing and unbelievable scientific advancements.

So now another fabulous technology from Mintpass brings to you Mint Sputnik that was designed by keeping in mind the meaning of Sputnik, which is “traveling companion”.  This cute companion is for in-house’s digital life. Well, in easy language, it’s like a projector which with its sphere shaped concept projects image onto the wall or a flat surface. There is a rotational projector lamp in the center of it that can be controlled with a remote, along with the stereo speakers on the side. This system can just fit into your budget and can replace a home theater easily.

Mint Sputnik is controlled by its own propriety remote called Space Center, on who backside is a USB port, SD card slot and earphones jack, supporting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What’s more? You can also use this luxuriously designed Mint Sputnik to project the digital clock when not in use. Every kid can also use this for studying astronomy at night, making it a fun filled event.

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