Enjoy the Tasty New Rubik’s Cube Cake

If you often wonder where imagination can take us, you can check out one classic example of what happens when creativity and baking craftsmanship merge. You may have tasted many varieties of cakes that come in different shapes and sizes but have you been lucky to taste something that looks like a Rubik’s Cube cake?

rubik's cube cake design with colors

Standing at 8″x8″ and made of fondant squares as well as buttercream, this Rubik’s Cube cake looks colorful enough to tempt anyone into having a go at it and put a handful of it in mouth to savor the delicious taste. However, don’t get involved into solving the Rubik’s puzzle or someone else may make the most of the delicious cake while your remain busy scratching your head about where to eat from so that the puzzle can be solved!

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