Photoshop Command Wall Art Lights Up Any Room

If you’ve been a graphics designer or web developer for any length of time, you’re probably already intimately familiar with Adobe Photoshop. If you’re really a fan of the software, though, you’ll need to throw up some Photoshop Command Wall Art. Now you can have Photoshop with you every minute of the day (if it wasn’t already) and impress your friends…or maybe not.

The bar itself may look a little different than what you’re used to, and there’s good reason for that. The bar represents a replica of the very first set of Photoshop tools ever created as we saw before in the Photoshop Tie and really makes you appreciate the entire Photoshop Evolution. I had never known this myself, but apparently Photoshop was first born in 1989. It is in fact OLD, by my standard anyway. The site claims that you an show off to your friends (you have those right?!) with an original piece of art on the wall! By and large they are far as geeky decorations are concerned this has to be up there. Now if you’re worried about cost and materials before you nab one for yourself, here’s the skinny. The wall art is created with “sturdy” MDF (I had to look this up, it’s medium density fibreboard, or an engineered wood product created by breaking down wood into residual wood fibres…if you ask Wikipedia that is) and measures approximately 17 x 80cm. The prints on the board are actually a silkscreen print, though the hand you see is hand cut to make it appear as if it’s been selected.

At $69.99, the price seems reasonable to me. I may have to actually get one for my brother who’s been a long time web developer..though I’m not sure he wants to see anymore Photoshop ever again. Of course if you’re not the biggest Adobe plan, the creators have some other geek is chic items to choose from. These include a “Slide to unlock” doormat and your very own 8-bit coat hanger that looks like the a little hand cursor. I probably shouldn’t hang around this site too long, now that I think about it. My bank account will thank me later. Alternatively there’s plenty of geek art to be had around Walyou as well, such as this Mario Sculpture or your very own Alice in Wonderland Hat.

Meninos Via: Nerd Approved