Harley Hits the Road with a Steampunkish Motorcycle

Steampunk, the world of technology always succeeds always in creating fabulous gadgets or products, challenging their own combinations and turning them into art. Once again crossing the conventional boundaries, custom bike builder Barro has shown its excellence with its latest custom built Barro Chopper with steampunkish looks.

I guess no one could ever challenge Ferry Clot, ruler of all bike builders, but this challenge is truly won by manufacturers of Barro with the use of lasting macho-mechanical effect, and he is definitely here to stay. This extravagant chopper is built by Spaniard Tabasco Acevedo of Team Sable.

Steampunk gadget looks have always been different. This bike even seems to have a spine of its own, that’s customized with a T-Sable Springer engine and Harley-Davidson transmission along with and gold rivet detailing all along its body. I guess every bike lover will not stop admiring the technical aspects of this bike, that’s bound to reflect the personality of the occupant.

Getting to the technical aspects, this bike that was built in the year 2009, flaunts Barro chopper that has T-Sable with 2-piston caliper brakes and T-stable pendulum. Its front and rear wheel base is Team Sable / Braid 3,5 X 19? and Team Sable / Brais 8,5 X 18 ” respectively.

I guess this description perfectly fits the awesome part of the best motorcycle builders and enthusiasts, and is bound to look elegant when it will run down the streets.

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Via: Born Rich