Untethered Jailbreak by Geohot Arriving for iPhone and iPod Touch

While Geohot previously mentioned that an Untethered Jailbreak will Not be Coming, here is a recent video by Geohot himself that shows he has been working on it anyways and seems like he has succeeded.

untethered iphone jailbreak geohot

The new video is especially made as seen to follow the DevTeam Rules for a ‘good Jailbreak Video’, which answers all the speculations whether it is real by showing all the necessary items to prove the legitimacy of the Jailbreak.

Well, as if we needed to doubt Geohot, it seems like he did it again and has taken the tethering shackles away from Jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. One thing is that it doesn’t really mention whether it will work for the newest iPhone 3.1.3 OS or just anything 3.1.2 or below, but in case it doesn’t, you could always take a look at How To Jailbreak 3.1.3 using SnowBreeze.

Geohot does mention that this new Untethered Jailbreak works for all models, iPhone 3GS (3gs), iPod Touch 3rd Gen (ipt3) and iPod Touch 2nd Gen (ipt2), will be software based and work as easily as the BlackRain Jailbreak was and perhaps may even work on the upcoming iPad. Wait, what? Did Geohot just claim to find a hole that may provide an Apple iPad Jailbreak before it was even released? Can I buy Geohot stock?

Oh, he also requested not to be bothered about this new iPhone Untethered Jailbreak, for it will not make its release any faster. Since we already know what Geohot is capable of…I say we have patience and take his word for it.

Geohot Via: GeekyGadgets