Elegant MUSE Athlete Earphones and Commander Headphones Deliver the Goods

There are many different brands, models and kinds of earphones and headphones to choose from, so it was really refreshing to try out some MUSE Audio models that do not only deliver the goods in practicality, but do so with a beautiful design and finish.

muse audio logo
MUSE Audio is an Australian company that is inspired to provide high quality Earphones and Headphone including a great design, a wonderful sound and cool features and deliver those within an affordable price…under $60. Based on looks alone, MUSE definitely shows their love for their products, for the finished design looks amazing and will get audio lovers intrigued. Best yet, their entire audio lineup is made up 12 various models that are directed at specific individuals, such as: the Athletes, the Executives, the Architects, the Commanders and 8 others. It was actually rather fun to look at the different models, see their name tag and realize the true delivery of features that are aimed at those individuals. Instead of providing one model for all, MUSE realized that different people have different needs and do not make it difficult to realize where you fit with technical specs that mean little to regulars but show the simpicity by outlining the features.

Since we have previously tried out the iFrogz Comfort Series Headphones and also the iFrogz Noise Isolating Earphones, it was really great to listen to two different kinds that are aimed for different directions. We were provided the Muse Athlete and the Muse Commander to test out and be impressed with…and we were.

The Athlete

running earphone athlete muse audio

high quality, ergonomic earphones that are aimed at the Athletes out there. While there are many different earphones that hang on your ears, hang over your head and provide other possible solutions, the Muse Athlete was a refreshing and wonderful solution I hoped for as a runner. Without any extra weight, plastic and addons, the Athlete is shaped just perfect; the earphones fit right in your ear, with their back part extending further to hold onto the back of your ear. The earphones hold on snug and tight but do not cause any discomfort or pain…as if they have found their home 🙂 Furthermore, since it is a well made fit, it really keeps the sound inside your ears and does not fall off when on your normal run. Of course, all this would have been meaningless, unless the sound quality is high, which was a definite. It was extremely fun to run and be able to listen to music as I would regularly with my MP3 player but during my exercise. In the end, the Athlete really deliver a wonderful sound and practical running earphones but for some reason they lack to have a volume or music control. I am still extremely happy with the actual product and will highly recommend it, for you always can have the actual music player to adjust the volume or skip a song, but such additional features would make it a true dream come true. Still, it could be that adding such features would also demand a higher price, and at right under $50, the Athlete are valuable ones for the exercising music lover. The Athlete

The Commander

As can clearly be seen with all MUSE audio products, the Commander has great presence and have the necessities that day to day gamers will desire. First of all, they are good looking eadphones that do not have too much bulk in order to inflate the price. Secondly, they combine great sound and voice ability into lightweight headphones. And third, they are not just for gamers, but also for office productivity…to be used for Skype voice calls and such. The Commander are convenient headphones without any useless fuss and, when used in Skype

conversations, proved to be a wonderful asset with the great responding mic and timely audio. Without any delay, feedback or audio loss, I noticed how comfortable it was to wear them, listen to music and answer Skype calls when they arrive. For gamers, the practicality and comfort are even a nicer added value, for during combat games and team gaming, it is great to have quality headphones you can rely on without feeling the burden on your head. The Commander
From the two MUSE Audio gadgets we tried out, we enjoyed both and easily see them as great value for the practical gadget lover. MUSE even goes further to make you feel you get a little extra by including carrying pouches for the earphone models and different sized earbuds, as to make sure you get the best fit for the audio experience.