Suit Up With Iron Man Cologne By Diesel

If you’ve watched the recently released trailer of Iron Man 2, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind in regards to the new movie. One of those burning questions is probably not what type of cologne does Iron Man wear, but now you know: Iron Man Cologne By Diesel. If you need more convincing, the bottle bears the “iconic” red and gold of the comic book hero Tony Stark’s armor. Naturally that mean it must be completely and utterly awesome. It’s a rule.

What exactly does Iron Man Cologne smell like? Apparently like a billionaire, if the description is to be believed, but that doesn’t seem very specific now does it? Does it smell like money? Maybe like the inside of Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin? I’m not sure, but you better act fast, cause this baby is only available for a limited time! At the very least you won’t be quite as geeky as the wearers of Star Trek Cologne, but not by much. The “man’s perfume” is ironically named “Only the Brave,” and I can only guess that you’d have to be very..very brave in order to slather some Tony Stark on before your night on the town. Then again if you get just a tiny little bit of the irresistible awesome that is Tony Stark, maybe that it makes it worth it.

And it damn well better be worth it too. You might be thinking that a cologne obviously added as an additional merchandising opportunity for the megahit movie series would at least be affordable, but when it’s released next month you’ll be shelling out $67.50. A pittance in the world of cologne though, if that’s your bag, so maybe it’s worth picking up after all. If you’re thinking of picking up a bottle for yourself, you won’t have to wait long. The Cologne is slated to be released both online and in major department stores around the country in April. That means you get hit up the Iron Man 2 premiering in theaters in May while theoretically smelling like our hero. Sign me up?

Via:  The Awesomer