Memory Game Alarm Clock Test Your Brains Before Going Silent

Gone are the alarm-clocks which intended to wake up people up with a buzzer, but with the passage of time they have also become trendy.  Take the case of Memory-game alarm clock the handy work of Liam Hastie – a student at Stratchclyde University of Scotland, who it seems, missed important lectures at college because of the disgusting traditional alarm clocks which would have failed to wake him up in time.

In the nick of the time he would have planned to come out something novel, thus came the memory-game alarm clock, his brain child, which ensures that you fully wake up and be alert right in the morning, before taking challenges of your assignments.  The clock tests your IQ, just by pressing a sequence of buttons at the right time you can stop its alarm, or else the clock will annoy you with its alarm till you prepare yourself to throw it away.

On having a look at this memory-game alarm clock, one wonders whether it is a clock.  It looks more like a cool gamers’ gadget, with red, green, blue and yellow lights popping out of it.
This alarm clock is battery operated and would charm you with its figure. The clock would be available at Urban Trend for sale shortly; there is no information about its pricing yet.  To escape from this strict gadget, you have one more choice don’t put an alarm on weekends. This way you can be your own boss. You may like to see some more cool gadgets like 10 cool robot servants and shock ball .