Amazing Musical Performances by iPhone Girl

Apple iPhone now has reached another level of friendliness and advancements with the day by day inclusion of newest technologies and the latest instance of that is its instrumental capability through which one can even sing a fully instrumental supported song.

iphone girl poker face

A Korean girl who has set an incredible instance of using 3 to 4 Apple iPhones together and creating melodic rhythm which otherwise will need at least three players and instruments like a guitar, a synthesizer, piano synthesizer, and a drum machine. So, right in one word, the Apple iPhone can also become a perfect musical instrument that anyone can think of using in place of all those instruments that needs both a band of instrument players and quite good space to place.

However, playing all those instruments and creating that mesmerizing perfect tones through the Apple iphone is not everybody’s cup of tea. For that one needs proper training, practice and expertise. If you gain the confidence of paying it and creating the fusion of all those instrumental sounds then you definitely need no other instrument to give a performance next time when you are getting up your college annual function stage or that of competing with your toughest competitors in a talent hunt show.

The concept of making the Apple iPhone suitable to be used as a musical instrument is a brilliant idea indeed. However, brilliant is the singing performance of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable too. Once you check out this Korean girl performing that very pretty “Irresistible”, be sure that you will cling to this song only and forgetting the original song is simply a matter of minutes. Anyone who have watched the performances of this amazing AppleGirl in Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” and Lady Gaga Poker Face have gone completely magic spelled and why will one not be? After seeing all those lovely expressions and the gesture that this AppleGirl have thrown while singling and playing the Apple iPhones are unmatchable.

The AppleGirl, whose name is still unknown, is a big fan of the Apple iPhone and it is this love and craze for the iPhone only that have enabled her to be so creative and deliver such a stunning work of art. The way the tones come out and the way she tunes it with her song and lets her fingers dance over it are simply mind-blowing and worth giving a look. Now the question arises is if she can be so creative and so expert with just a few iPhones then what would be her limits be with the newly launched iPad?

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Via: Obamapacman